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Speciality Glazing for Homes Across Southampton and Hampshire

At Abco, we know that sometimes a conventional double glazed unit simply won’t meet the needs of you and your property. We offer bespoke speciality glazing services across the Southampton, Hampshire, New Forest, Lymington, Hythe and Romsey region.

Perhaps your house takes the brunt of the wind blowing in across the channel, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a sun trap, but need to protect precious furnishings from the harsh UV rays. Whatever your requirements, talk to us today to find out about our range of speciality glazing.

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To find out more about the speciality glazing we offer, contact Abco Windows today. We provide bespoke speciality glazing across the Southampton and Hampshire region.

Keep Your Southampton Home Peaceful

Is your Southampton home in a built up area or near a busy road? We have a variety of speciality glazing option which could be perfect for you. Our triple glazing is incredibly effective at noise reduction and is especially beneficial for shift workers and those who live close to busy transport routes.

If triple glazing is not the right option for you and your home, then why not consider specially developed acoustic glass. This type of speciality glazing is proven to provide a significant sound reduction in double glazed windows.  Abco’s innovative laminated acoustic glass has a special polymer layer sandwiched between the panes of glass. This speciality glazing option is innovatively engineered to disrupt and absorb sound waves, reducing noise pollution. Using laminated glass reduces vibrations, ensuring less sound travels through your windows. In tests, acoustic double glazed windows reduce sound by up to 40dB.

Whatever your reason for wanting to keep those noises outdoors where they belong, Abco Windows will have a speciality solution for you.

Speciality Glazing Hampshire

Protect Your Southampton Home

Our specially coated anti-sun glass offers protection to your furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun. Designed to filter the bleaching effect of the suns UV rays, anti sun glass can help preserve the colour in your furnishings, paintings and other items at risk of damage from the sun.

Anti sun glass manages solar heat radiation by reflectance, transmittance and absorptance. They will reflect solar radiation and proportion the rays absorbed by the glass.

Replace your existing installations with our speciality glazing can save on your energy bills. Our experienced installers can fit thermally insulated windows that reduce heat loss and brighten your home with natural light.

Because Abco’s speciality glazing service is entirely bespoke and individual to your Hampshire home, we are confident in our ability to meet your exact requirements, whatever they may be. Whether your proposed project is big or small, our speciality glazing service will be able to cater to every home, homeowner and taste.


Speciality Glazing Southampton

Bespoke Speciality Glazing

Alongside unusually shaped windows and customised glazing, we can also personalise your windows. We offer a comprehensive and bespoke range, designed to complement each window, door system or roofing system. We offer different colours, additional hardware, glazing, and the possibility of frames which can hold oversized panes of glass. If you live in a property which is unique and full of character, you may need windows which don’t necessarily meet the standard dimensions.

Abco offer a wide range of double glazed windows such as uPVC, aluminium and hardwood windows for property owners. All our custom finishes are long lasting and easy to maintain looking as good as the day your speciality glazing was installed. No matter your style of home, taste or personal requirements, Abco will be happy to help.

Our installer and customer service team have years working in the industry. We use our wealth of knowledge to assist you in making the right decision for your family and property needs. We focus on providing excellent customer service and attention to detail to our clients, promising to look after homeowners from the initial enquiry through to final installation.

Speciality Windows and Doors Southampton

Why Choose abco?

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Abco take great pride in offering speciality glazing with high levels of insulation, durability and security.

abco southampton

We also offer a specialist service providing double glazing for listed buildings, which are often subject to regulations.

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All our speciality glazing solutions are designed with security in mind. Our bespoke products don’t compromise safety.

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We provide a range of speciality glazing options, including triple glazing and acoustic glass for buildings in Southampton, New Forest, Lymington, Hythe, Romsey and Hampshire region. Get in touch today if you want more information on the different types of speciality glazing Abco offer.

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