Hardwood Windows for Homes Across Southampton and Hampshire

If you are looking to install classic hardwood windows, Abco Windows, based in Southampton, Hampshire offer a bespoke service for timber frames from cottages to heritage properties and traditional homes. Our services extend across the New Forest, Lymington, Hythe and Romsey regions.

Hardware windows are manufactured using a slower growing type of wood. Because it has a tighter grain than softwood, it makes the windows more stable and durable.  Our range of hardwood windows includes timber sash lead weighted windows, hardwood casement windows, sliding sash lead weighted and spring balanced windows, tilt and turn windows and timber sash windows.

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Heritage Charm for Your Southampton Home

Hardwood windows are popular because they have a warm and elegant look. Natural materials have a unique beauty,  that is why many window frames mimic the look of hardwood.

If you own a traditional home, hardwood windows can keep the heritage charm of your Hampshire home.  Wood has the smallest coefficient of expansion than any other of the materials used in window production. This makes hardwood windows stable and durable and in turn, allows you to select from a wide variety of designs.

Our hardwood windows can be painted or stained to suit the existing look and feel or your property. When recoating does become necessary, which is not frequent at all, all that should be needed is a rub down of the surface and the application of a single coat of paint or stain.

Our range of windows are available in a wide variety of colours to create a classic look or one that is unique to your property. Our range of finishes and hardware allow homeowners to craft the ideal product for their home. Whether you own a modern property and want to add a little tradition to it, or if you have an older property.

Long Lasting Insulation

With the correct care, hardwood windows will last a lifetime. All of Abco’s hardwood windows are constructed using high quality timber, retaining the beauty of real timber but with the benefits of rot and decay protection.

Our high performing hardwood windows are one of the best insulating frames on the market. These frames combined with double glazing significantly improves the thermal efficiency of your home. Our elegant window designs are the perfect blend of charming looks with beneficial modern features. This ensures that your home is comfortably warm in winter and cool in the summer months. This will reduce your bills, all year round and lower your carbon footprint.

Hardwood windows are also excellent at reducing outdoor noises from entering the home. This is perfect is you live in a built up, noisy Hampshire area. You won’t find any draughts entering your home once you have installed Abco’s hardwood windows.

All our hardwood windows are available in high quality single glazed or energy efficient and secure double glazed glass. Be sure your home and family are kept comfortable all year round.

Hardwood Windows Southampton

Weather Protected Features

All of the hardwood windows we sell and install have been protected against the temperamental Southampton weather conditions. This feature creates an impenetrable barrier against any moisture getting into the wood. Homeowners can feel assured knowing their home will be protected from the elements. Our products feature innovative compression seals, which ensures your home is fully draught proof.

We build our windows to ensure that any weak points such as joins between the glass and the frames are fully secured with modern materials and innovative techniques. This offers a heightened level of security, not just against the elements but against intruders.

All Abco’s window products are tested to the highest levels of performance and security and are to ensure they live up to our promises. You can put your confidence in Abco and our double glazing products.


Hardwood Windows Hampshire

Why Choose abco?

High Performing

Our hardwood windows have been certified with the British Standards Institute for Window Energy Ratings, achieving ‘A’ ratings.

British Made

All of our hardwood windows are hand made in Britain. This ensures your product are made to order, to the highest standards.

Eco Friendly

Timber windows are environmentally friendly. Over their long life, they are capable of reducing the Co2  amount from the atmosphere.


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