5 Reasons It’s Time for a Conservatory Reroof

There are many reasons why homeowners throughout Southampton and Hampshire are opting for solid conservatory roof replacements. Here are some signs that your conservatory is ready for a roof replacement.

All Year Round Use

Many homeowners struggle with using the conservatories all year round. Go on are the days of your conservatory being too icy in winter and too stuffy in summer. The great thing about our conservatory reroofs is that they’re designed to stay warm in winter and keep cool throughout the hotter summer months.  

Eliminates Sun Glare

Glare from the sun can be disruptive when you just want to sit back and relax in your conservatory. Our conservatory roofs prevent you being blinded by the sun, as well as protecting your furniture from fading when sat in the UV rays.

Peace and Quiet

Our conservatory reroof options are far more soundproofed than others on the market. It will block out the noise from the weather, busy roads or noisy neighbours!

 Energy Conservation

Our reroof options offer low U values. Low U value translates into more heat being retained inside the structure, reducing energy consumption and energy bills.

Range of Styles

With a wide range of styles and tile colours on offer, you can exactly colour match your new conservatory roof with the rest of the property. Whether you’ve recently decorated and want a new roof to match or you need to fix an older inadequate roof, a conservatory reroof will truly transform your space.  

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