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Combining ease of use with contemporary looks, our space saving patio doors slide on high quality stainless steel tracks, delivering security, style and convenience. Adding easy access to your garden or outdoor areas, you can enjoy a seamless transition from indoors to outside. Abco provide door installation services for homes across the Southampton, Hampshire. New Forest, Lymington, Hythe, Romsey area.

Patio doors can enhance the look, security and value of your property. Many people with homes that overheat in summer find that patio doors are a great way to naturally cool your home. Our patio doors generally consist of two or three panels which slide and overlap with one panel always staying in place. This style of door slides sideways on tracks in the door frame, ideal for small homes and gardens. They also can’t be moved or slammed shut, making them safe for families.

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Designs For Modern Southampton Homes

Patio doors have clean, uncluttered styling that looks great in every style of home. Your furnishings have the perfect neutral backdrop of a door that will not detract from your garden or your interior décor. Hang curtains and have furnishings right next to a patio door and you won’t need to move them every time the door opens.

Our patio doors are designed as an attractive glass transition between the interior and exterior of your home. It features inbuilt functions like a decelerator and hidden crash stops, this ensures the doors are fixed securely without compromising on the slimline look of the profile.

Whether your patio doors open up into garden, decking or a pool space, our doors are the perfect fit for your home.  Get in touch today and we can help you find the perfect door for your Southampton property.

Patio Internal and External Doors Southampton

Keeping Your Home Secure

Our glass patio doors are available with a large opening span, this allows homeowners to consider three or four panes. Because our profiles are so strong and robust, they can handle wider panes of glass.

We install the sliding doors with anti lifting tracks to prevent them from being lifted out by an intruder. We craft our patio doors to withstand even the harshest weather, tested to meet high levels of performance and functionality. This ensures that our doors up to the task of protecting your Southampton home and family.

Double glazed patio doors are strong and secure, and the extra amount double glazing they permit more light into your home and better views outside. Unlike hinged doors, patio doors can’t be damaged by a sudden gust of wind and do not need securing with cabin hooks like other styles of doors on the market. The invisible U profile helps to keep the door looking elegant and minimal, and a two point locking system adds enhanced safety.

It also comes with inbuilt safety features that help to prevent fingers from being trapped. This makes it the ideal door installation if you have small children.

Whether you are adding patio doors to your orangery, conservatory or an existing room in your home, Abco can customise your door instalment to perfectly suit your home.

uPVC Patio Doors Southampton

Increased Thermal Efficiency

Our range of patio sliding doors are a fantastic option when it comes to increasing the thermal efficiency of your Southampton home. Our large aluminium patio doors are designed to keep moisture out and heat in.  The multi chambered profile works to break up mini convection currents and traps warm pockets of air inside your property. This will make your home stay warmer for longer. It will also help in keeping your energy bills down and regulate the temperature of your home.

Because our patio doors open and close effortlessly through a smooth and quiet mechanism, it helps maintain the inside temperature. The door is quick to open and close, helping keep the cold air inside.

Patio Door Prices Southampton

Why Choose abco?

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Noise Reducing

We provide patio doors that can help reduce noise and create a tranquil home. Ideal if you live in a built up Hampshire area.

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Experienced Installers

Abco’s experienced installers carry our stringent quality control checks to ensure that every door meets our high standards.

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Easy Upkeep

Our patio doors are easy to keep looking as good as the day they were installed. Simply wipe them down with a wet cloth.


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